A vision for the future of payments with shared access

Disclaimer: Content and videos showcased here are for illustrative purposes only.

The vision is to enable card issuers to help their cardholders share access to their cards digitally with other authorized users.

Here is a sample scenario that describes our vision.

Alex has a daughter Rose who would like to go to a mall for some shopping. Alex has a Visa card with FDNB bank. So instead of giving her cash or his plastic card, Alex can share access to his account with her. He opens his bank app and taps on shared access option. He selects Rose from his contact list and he also sets up card limits and controls. He decides Rose can only use this access for 7 days and she cannot purchase beyond a total of $100 per transaction. He also opts in to get notified on every transaction made by Rose. Once he confirms the settings, he receives a code which he needs to share with Rose.

Rose receives a notification on her phone for the shared access. She opens the message and sees her dad, Alex, would like to share access to his card account with her. She clicks the link and is requested to enter the code. She contacts her dad to get the code and enters it. Upon successful entering of the code, she can add a payment credential to her mobile device and start shopping immediately.

Alex will get notification on every transaction made by Rose using his account and he will be able to manage her access anytime.