Visa Next

Building the future of payments, together


Tomorrow, consumers will create their own commerce experiences – shaping their payments to fit the way they shop, dream and live. Visa Next is your springboard into that future.

Just getting started

Imagine your customers choosing, in real time, how each transaction is handled based on their unique circumstances in a given moment. Best source of funds, configurable rewards and loyalty points, and even currencies or flexible borrowing terms. The possibilities are endless.

More and more, your customers will access their money through the convenience of their devices. And in these digital channels, your customers have come to expect high levels of convenience, personalization and instant service, from the moment they create an account or activate a new service.


Through Visa Next, banks and digital wallets will soon be able to access, all through one Visa platform, the best of Visa's current and future real-time API services in combination with instant-issuance capabilities and digital-ready processing from a network of participating global partners.

Visa Next unlocks your ability to deliver innovative new payment experiences where, and when, customers value it most. With the platform capabilities previewing today, you can instantly configure, provision, and issue a payment credential for any type of account and push it directly to any connected device. And we're just getting started.

Exploring new options

Request an invite our beta program - we will build, evolve and brainstorm with you the ways to bring to life new consumer experiences around the world. We'll continue to craft intelligent, open technologies for you to quickly and easily plug into and integrate with your next-gen payment solutions. You'll have the chance to deepen customer relationships by offering unprecedented customer purchasing choice and control with rich, real-time capabilities.

Extend credit seamlessly. Transform any transaction from a debit purchase onto a revolving line of credit. Or even a fixed monthly installment. Everything can be done in advance, at the point of sale or after the transaction – and with just a click or a tap.


Removing barriers to make fluid commerce

We've been hard at work laying the foundation for the exciting future of digital commerce. With our infrastructure now in place, it's time to remove the barriers to capital, turn the transaction on its head, and unlock an entirely new world of possibility when it comes to accessing, accruing and saving money. Let's do this.

Discover more on Visa Next - Interview with Visa's Sam Shrauger:


Platform API Preview

Today, we're revealing our first step of the Visa Next journey. On deck, a sneak peek at our core platform and API. For financial services developer, this platform will be a modern, easier way to issue Visa cards and create next-generation solutions combining the best of Visa's current and future capabilities with those of participating card processors and service providers. In 2019, we'll also be launching a pilot program and adding more capabilities. Stay tuned.